Monthly Archives: September 2016

Finding your Soul Mate…

Wouldn’t it be perfect if we found our soul mate at a young age? It would most definitely save the hassle of all the boy trouble that we go throughout our teenage and young adult years. In recent weeks I have discovered that your soul mate doesn’t have to necessary […]

Do NOT call it a DIET!

To start off my latest health segment it is only right to start with the basics to a healthy lifestyle. There is one important rule that I learnt when I first started my journey and that is; You’re not on a diet, you’re embarking on a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy […]

New Segment: Healthy Facts.

This has definitely been a long time coming to my blog. The main focus and aim around my posts were to embrace healthy eating and getting yourself into the gym, alongside some lifestyle and motivation posts. As I don’t have a schedule I feel like I need more structure to […]