Health and Fitness


I have recently discovered a new Chocolate Spread called ‘Macabella’, which is a really good spread. The brand is very well known in Australia and was voted the winner of the Australian product of the year 2016.   I received a package from the company and the spread is definitely […]

Let me be honest.

My blog is to show my journey throughout my life and the hurdles I overcome. So it’s clear by the title I’m sharing something big. I have basically gained weight. For those who read my healthy segment know I am very passionate about health and wellbeing so it’s only fair […]

Do NOT call it a DIET!

To start off my latest health segment it is only right to start with the basics to a healthy lifestyle. There is one important rule that I learnt when I first started my journey and that is; You’re not on a diet, you’re embarking on a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy […]