Gym Playlist (November)

  Now I am back to the gym again… I have a whole brand new song list… as usual below is my top 10 songs I am currently listening to in my playlist more than others. Shout out to my ex- Little Mix Wishing- Chris Brown ft Fabulous, Trey Songz, […]

Gym Playlist (October)

Hi Guys, To be totally honest with you all I haven’t been gym this month, as I am recovering from surgery and will not be able to step foot in the gym, till the end of this month. But as this is a segment on my blog and I don’t […]

Gym Playlist (September)

Hey Guys, So this is my 3rd month doing my gym playlist, I can’t believe time is going so fast. The past month I have been going gym 4 times a week so I have had to switch up my playlist. Below are my recent faves that I listen to […]