I have recently discovered a new Chocolate Spread called ‘Macabella’, which is a really good spread. The brand is very well known in Australia and was voted the winner of the Australian product of the year 2016.



I received a package from the company and the spread is definitely different from the others on the market. The unique combination of the macadamias offers a nutritious chocolate spread suitable to spread on crackers and rice cakes. The spread comes in two flavours, Velvet and Crunch. I prefer the Velvet one as I am not a fan of products that contain bits. fullsizerender-1

The product is now available in the UK. However only from Sainsbury’s. The jars cost £3.00 each. It is most definitely worth trying. It is sweeter than most chocolate spreads on the market. But it also has a smoother texture to be able to spread amongst different foods.

Some nutritional FACTS about Macrabella Spread:

Contains Cereals Containing Gluten, Contains Milk, Contains Peanuts, Contains Tree Nuts, Contains Macadamia Nut and Contains Soya.

Contains 19.5% macadamia nuts


Overall I rate the products a 4 out of 5… It is a very sweet jar of spread and that is from the nutrients of the macadamias… Overall a good product to add to rice cakes to add sweetness but is also seen as a non guilty treat.




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