TREAT DAY (Still Slightly Healthy)

A brand new month of my healthy segment and today’s post is on my recent treats I baked myself. Having a Treat day or Meal is very vital when healthy eating. You should not have to feel like you have to deprive yourself of all the unhealthy things in the […]

Let me be honest.

My blog is to show my journey throughout my life and the hurdles I overcome. So it’s clear by the title I’m sharing something big. I have basically gained weight. For those who read my healthy segment know I am very passionate about health and wellbeing so it’s only fair […]

Gym Playlist (October)

Hi Guys, To be totally honest with you all I haven’t been gym this month, as I am recovering from surgery and will not be able to step foot in the gym, till the end of this month. But as this is a segment on my blog and I don’t […]

Finding your Soul Mate…

Wouldn’t it be perfect if we found our soul mate at a young age? It would most definitely save the hassle of all the boy trouble that we go throughout our teenage and young adult years. In recent weeks I have discovered that your soul mate doesn’t have to necessary […]

Do NOT call it a DIET!

To start off my latest health segment it is only right to start with the basics to a healthy lifestyle. There is one important rule that I learnt when I first started my journey and that is; You’re not on a diet, you’re embarking on a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy […]